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Thread: Woodcraft gave great service!

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    Woodcraft gave great service!

    On Thanksgiving night I ordered a remote control transmitter switch for my dust collector from Woodcraft's web site. It was delivered to my door in less than 48 hours with free shipping! Outstanding service IMHO.


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    that's a good idea...i've become spoiled by some online woodworking stores while others disappoint. we should call attention to vendors like woodcraft who ship the same day they receive an order. i use them regularly. also just was pleasantly surprised by klingspor's very quick delivery of sanding mops and low shipping costs of less than $7. amazon is another vendor who has quick delivery even when i opt for the free shipping choice.

    who are the others???
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    The guys at our local Woodcraft are fantastic. Always willing to chat and full of advise! They have really come through for me on a couple of occasions! Always try to patronize them whenever possible!

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