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Thread: Christmas is coming

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    Christmas is coming

    What would you like to see in your Christmas stocking this year?

    SWMBO wants suggestions and believe it or not, I'm coming up dry with stocking stuffer ideas (except of course for a SawStop gift certificate but that isn't going to happen!)

    Let's get a list going that so we can leave it for the elves to discover.


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    If you are really looking for stocking stuffers, Lee Valley has a boatload. Some of my favorites are the saddle square, small square, striking knife, plastic scrapers, talon peg-board hooks, and their magnifier that mounts on a magnet that can cling to a steel rule. Incra has a 3 inch t-square rule that fits in your pocket!
    BTW, one of the best presents my wife ever gave me was a bag full of tape measures. She said "you are always looking for one of these, I thought that if you had a few more they wouldn't be so hard to find."

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    On the "giving" side, I recall that some of the folks on "another site" offered a few of the choice pieces they had made for charity auctions. Nice touch and winners all around. IMHO. Wishing my skills were at a higher level.

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