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Thread: My shop progress.....and tour......

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    My shop progress.....and tour......'s photographic evidence of my shop's current condition. I'd have been finished about 18 months ago except for some inmates sending me a mini lathe and tools. My new b/s and lathe showed up about 4 weeks ago but I refused to unpack them until the shop is finished. I've got it painted and the lights hung. The lights had been sitting in the corner collecting dust for 18 months or so. I was turning with the only working lights in the shop.....a set of construction lights on a stand.

    This afternoon I have 4 more outlets to install in the ceiling and then I'd debating renting an engine hoist and unpacking the lathe.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow Ken, sure is bright. I wouldn't know what to do if I could see what I was doing. Really nice.

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    Great progress Ken! Yes, having the walls up and painted makes a HUGH difference! It's been almost 2 hours since you you have those 4 last outlets done yet????? Keep up the good work. Jim.
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    That is sweet. You will have many enjoyable hours in that space. Oh yeah, are the outlets done now???
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    Nice looking shop Ken. I agree totally with the comments about "bright". I don't know how many shops/garages etc I've been in where you can hardly see what you're working on. When my business partner and I bought our building for the small engine shop in 2000, we painted it semi-gloss white and went way overboard with extra lights and never regretted it for a second. Nicely done - you'll never regret it either!!

    cheers eh?

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    Beautiful work Ken!!!

    Don't make the same mistake that I did. If you plan to do something with those concrete floors do it BEFORE you fill it up with heavy machines.

    My legs have learned to hate me but now I can't get anything on the floor until I get all the messy stuff up on the walls or in a cabinet.


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    Hey Ned, Don't feel too bad with you shop's progress.............

    Mr Fitzgerald's shop build has been going on for at least 3 1/2 years.

    Sorry Ken, I just couldn't resist a little good natured ribbing.

    Hope you don't mind.


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    That's a great space Ken! You're going to love it!
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    Hiya ken,

    That's a nice looking place for your new turning studio and the mustard to live! You can never have too much light in a shop, at least not for my aging eyes...
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    It's about time, Fitz. Looks like a great shop space. Glad to see it's finally coming together.

    I need to do a similar revamping of my shop. We're going to be getting our electrical service panel upgraded, and I'm going to finally get a subpanel in the shop. That means I need to shuffle a lot of things around to create the necessary access for the new panel and outlets. Not looking forward to the process, but I'll reap the benefits of the result.
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