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Thread: I hate refinishing

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    I hate refinishing

    Hi everyone

    Several years ago I finished new porch furniture with some supposedly "wonder water-based finish" sold by the furniture retailer. Yeah, I know I should have known better but there were heavy outside influences on the decision. Suffice it to say, not that the chairs look terrible those outside influences are denying that they had any say in the decision.

    So I'm scraping and sanding, slow go, one chair at a time, lots of surfaces to clean up. It is hot and humid in the garage and I'm taking lots of breaks -- as evidenced by the amount of postings I've been doing today. Talk about being in avoidance mode! Anyway, I'm going to take them down to bare wood and varnish. Hopefully that will hold up better, or will at least be easier to refresh.

    Rant off, there I feel better, back to the garage


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    Jay, it sounds like some good marine spar is the thing to use.

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    I would rather build it all over new than refinish something like that, it's just hard for me to keep my interest in a refinishing project.

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    Refinishing. That's the pits. I guess that a lot of us dislike it very much as there is a lady here that has a real going business that does nothing but refinishing. Must take a special personality.

    Are they done yet Jay?

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    Hardly! Who is the refinishing lady, maybe I can make a deal!


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