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Thread: Solution to my O/H guard counter-balance..

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    Solution to my O/H guard counter-balance..

    OK, I finally settled on something that is fairly compact, and won't "bite"me if I get close to it.
    Ta-da!!----Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	14835 It consists of an oak block with a T-nut on the inside with a piece of thread-all running into it. There is a nut on the outside (not me! well, maybe in addition to me.) to keep it together inside the aluminum box tube, and 2 hex socket screws to keep that hidden section from coming out of the tube. I was able to adjust the weight with the number of washers. I bought a box of 100, and have quite a few left for other projects. If I can find some shring wrap, I'll seal it off to keep it from collecting dust and dirt as bad. If not, it shouldn't be too hard to wipe down.
    And one last picture of my guard stabilization arms. Click image for larger version. 

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    I may need to get some 1" aluminum U channel to replace the 1/8" flat aluminum parts to get rid of the last bit of wiggle. But it is usuable as it is. Did a test cut and absolutely no dust left on top!! Now I need to make a modification so it will ride up over the miter bar and the miter sled. Thanks for your help and for following along! Jim.
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    Looking good Jim! The arms are especially impressive, but the counter weight is very clever. It seemed a bit frustrating for a while there, but I think your results are worth it.


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    Very cool "Ta-Da". Nice compact sleek solution. Looking good.
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