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Thread: cutting boards for christmas

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    cutting boards for christmas

    Here are a couple of cutting boards I made for Christmas presents. The first one is 12 x 14 and made from cherry, maple, and purple heart. It's for my son's teacher. It never hurts to butter them up.

    The second I "borrowed" from Vaughn McMillan's website. He has an excellent tutorial. Thanks Vaughn. It's maple, walnut, and purple heart. It's aprox. 10 x 18. If I make another I will change the purple heart. It doesn't show up very well.
    I teach 8th grade science and this one is probably destined for one of the special ed. teachers.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails november 07 cutting boards 001 (768 x 512).jpg   november 07 cutting boards 003 (600 x 400).jpg   november 07 cutting boards 004 (768 x 512).jpg   november 07 cutting boards 005 (600 x 400).jpg  

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    Very cool, John. You did a great job on both. They'll both make great gifts. I'm glad the tutorial was of some help. You can get all sorts of cool results by switching the wood species around.
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    Great looking cutting boards.;Those will make great gifts.

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    Your boards look good!

    Is the angled board end grain or long grain? Its hard to tell from the picture.

    I ended up with a very dark board on my first attempt. I used Walnut, Cherry, and Purpleheart too. My wife likes it, but I think its a little to dark for me.

    Overall I was disappointed in using Purpleheard on the boards (have done 2 so far). It gets very dark when the mineral oil is added. I feel that it looses much of its distinctive purple color once oiled. Especially for me that was the reason why I used it. Interestingly, it shows up more purplely when I take a picture of it, than when actually looking at it.

    So far, Walnut, Cherry and Maple, look really good after they are oiled, so I will probably keep using them in some combination.

    I did a "lght" board that was maple and cherry checkered. That one oiled up very nicely. Unfortunatly due to a few errors on my part, I need to make another.
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    Awesome looking boards, those will make some nice presents.
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    Sean, thanks for the complements.

    The angled board is long grain.

    The rectangular board is end grain. I agree about the purpleheart. After I oiled it the purpleheart turned almost black. I don't think I'll use it in another board.

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    Nice looking boards, John.

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    John nice work
    Vaughn excellent tutorial and
    beatiful work is shown in your website.
    Congratulations for both of you

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    Beautiful cutting boards John

    I never tried to make cutting board but, if one day I'll make something beautiful like way that I'll give them as a present....except to myself...


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    Very nice cutting boards and they will be a beautiful gift!


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