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Thread: WTB 12v DeWalt Cordless Drill Motor

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    WTB 12v DeWalt Cordless Drill Motor

    I was given a 12v. DeWalt battery a DW-9072, and charger a DW-9116. These things are useless to me unless I can find a drill motor such as the DC-727KA or, something else that operates at 12v.
    If someone has a DeWalt drill motor, preferably without battery and charger, (or maybe with?) that they'd like to part with, I could very well be interested. Not sure how much it's worth, maybe $25 and then there's shipping, which means I'd like to pickup locally.
    I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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    If you don't find what you need, let me know. I would be interested in the charger.
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    You should check out drills on ebay. Lots of drills without the batteries and chargers.

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