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Thread: Straight edge on table saw

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    Straight edge on table saw

    Good day

    Buying wood in Poland is a bit different.
    I go to the villagers and ask who has Oak for sale and they tell me that "he" is selling...
    I go to "he" and he is showing me his "merchandise", usually air dried for 7~10 years.

    I check the boards, make some sour face (part of the game) and ask him "ille kostuye" (how much) and after short negotiation (that he must say the last word), we shake hands.

    The price for 1 cubic meter (35.3 cubic feet) is $700~$800.

    I hire small truck (usually his track) and for $5 he takes it to the village carpenter that has this 5 ton 24" German planer/thicknesser and he planes two faces to the thickness that I want for $20 and two bottles of "Pivo" (Beer) and brings it to my home for another $20 (long way).

    From here, I'm starting to work...

    I would like to share with you the way that I cut one side straight, the other side was cut normally.

    On the pics, you can see part of the boards
    Length - 125"
    Width - 8"~10"
    thickness - 1¼"

    On the last pic, you can see my "shop"...


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    I like this kind of threads
    becuse you learn of them.
    Thanks for tahking the time to post.


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    Niki, thanks for the pics and showing the process. Your shop/garage looks similar to mine size wise, but much more organinzed.
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    Hey Niki, I saw this in the latest issue of Wood (I think) so congratulations mate.
    daiku woodworking

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    Your method of straightening an edge is pretty much the same way I do it.

    The main difference is in how we buy the wood here. Negotiating with the sawyer is pretty much the same, but I have to haul the wood myself. I also do my own planing, using a 15", 3 hp planer.

    Our wood volume is measured differently, too. Instead of metre³, we buy by the Board Foot, which is one foot wide, one foot long, and one inch thick, or about 30 cm X 30 cm X 2.5 cm. I think I paid about US$1.00 per Board Foot for the last red oak I bought, which was a prety good price. The wood had been air dried for about three years. Around here, red oak and poplar are pretty much the cheapest hardwoods. Walnut and cherry are the most expensive ($2.50 ~ $3.25), with maple and hickory falling somewhere in between. Your m³ at about 424 BF works out to about $1.77 per BF, so it's quite a bit more expensive there, for the rough wood, but your cost to have it planed is way less than I'd have to pay if I weren't doing it myself. Planed red oak here would be about $2.20 at a local dealer. It might be a little cheaper directly from the mill, though.

    Interesting comparisons, eh?
    Jim D.
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    Thank you so much

    Why do you think I took the picture from that distance...because if it would be closer you would not see so much of "organized"...

    Uuuum, you "booked" me...well, they wanted, I signed "ok" and it covered half of my new router...

    I know about the FB that is just a different way of calculating volume.
    About the price...don't forget that it's Europe and we have not only "Euro hinges" but also "Euro prices" that are usually double than in USA...the price that I paid is considered very cheap at this side of the "pond"...just take for example the Festool prices and you will get the picture...


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    Like the way you took the time of processing from purchasing to the finish.

    Phase 2
    Show us picks what you did with the wood on finished project

    GOOD JOB.............

    WoodWorking, Crappie Fishing, Colts, Life is good!

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    Thank you Bob

    Of course I'll show the pics of "Phase 2"...but first, I would like to show a few more jigs that helped me to get there...


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    Hi Niki ,
    Thank you for your informative photos and explanation.
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    Hi Niki,

    Welcome (I didn't get a chance to welcome you in your introduction post)!

    I really enjoy seeing how things are done around the world, so I'm glad you found us. Your shop looks similar to mine! I have to share with a car too.

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