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Thread: Drill bits for a brace

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    Drill bits for a brace

    I found this ad on craigslist. I figured someone might be intrested. and here is the email the guy sent me regarding them: They say power cast steel and I tried to take closes pics and there no good but the tips are pretty sharp on all of them and they have the screw tipe tips if that helps.

    I would like to get these, but I dont use them enough. For $5.00 It might be worth shipping charges.

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    The box is worth $5.00. What the 'hey' go for it. Trade material if nothing else.
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    They look like Erwin (sp) bits and have some value. Go for it.

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    just got back. don't know if you've done anything. these are auger bits for use in a brace. Don't put them in a power drill.


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    I sent the guy a message asking for his address. I should have them but the weekend.

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