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Thread: Another Oak Bowl

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    Another Oak Bowl

    I am so happy this one did not explode! I have had bad luck with inclusions.


    Comment and critiques are always welcome.
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    Pete, boy this is not bad at all. Can be very tricky huh, I turned a lot of oak, sometimes it cracks, but most of the time I'm lucky.
    I noticed that the bowl is not fully round anymore.
    Anyway the bowl look very nice.

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    That oak is just amazing Pete! Glad you were able to save this one! Nice work!

    Oh, it's starting to snow up here. Will be awhile before there's enough snow for anything but is cold enough we'll start getting lake-effect any day now.

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    Man, that's some pretty wood. You did a great job with it, too. I'm amazed it held together, but it sounds like the law of averages owed you one.
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    Wow!! Way to go, Pete!

    Beautiful form to show off a great piece of wood.
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