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Thread: The place where I live

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    The place where I live

    Might be nice to look to a video of my livingplace, Bergen op Zoom.
    The website of Bergen op Zoom:
    When open click on VVV touristboard.
    Next click on the English version
    Than click on Video presentation 15Mb large.
    Anyway it seems to me nice to see where members live, in this case my good very old town.

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    WOW! What a beautiful place to live Ad!

    I would go crazy researching history there.
    I love learning about people, their customs, and especially their craftsmanship.
    I could spend months looking around at all those old structures and learning how they were made and what the times were like when they built them.

    Thank you for giving us a look!


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    Interesting contrasts. Old and new. I like the old. New doesn't have personality. But beautiful.
    Almost as nice as Arkansas.
    "Folks is funny critters."

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