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Thread: Good afternoon!

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    Livermore CA (SF Bay Area)

    Good afternoon!

    Just a quick note to introduce myself and say "Hi" to those I haven't met yet and "Hi" to those I have met on other forums elsewhere. Lots of familiar names here; Stu, Bruce, and others.

    I look forward to learning at this forum; I have already found the Jigs and Fixtures forum very interesting!

    Woodworking is a hobby with me; one that I really, really enjoy. I don't find I have enough time do do as much as I would like, but that is OK. My work is for family and friends and is generally modest in comparison to what others do.

    I retired in 2002 and LOVE it! I guess the order of things is family, Church, then woodworking. My garage doubles as a workshop, so things are on wheels. I am missing a band saw and lathe, but other than that I am pretty well set up. My latest tool was a used Graco 4900 Turbine HVLP set up. I have only sprayed two things with it (using Fuhr waterborne) but I really like the results so far.

    Great to find another resource. Thanks for providing it.

    Best wishes from Livermore CA
    Warren White

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    Welcome to the forum Warren, don't feel all alone working in the two car garage.

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    Warren, welcome from your central valley neighbor on the other side of the hill. I'm in Modesto. Very glad you're here.
    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

    My diet is working good. I'm down to needing just one chair now.

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    Glad you come on board Warren. Welcome form the east side of the USA.

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    hi warren!
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    Hey Warren, NICE to see you again!

    BTW, if you get a lathe, you will need the bandsaw, but the rest of you tools, well you can sell them
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    Welcome Warren


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