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Thread: A cure for clamp ouchies!

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    A cure for clamp ouchies!

    Have I had a neat "New" idea or just realizing what everyone already knows?

    I was thinking about my clamp rack project the other night just before I fell asleep. (That's usually when I get my best ideas. )
    I had a brain storm on how to keep the screw from coming down and biting my fingers when taken from the top rack.

    Works on all sizes too!

    Well? What do you think, can I claim the idea?


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    I think we have a new shop device: The Don Taylor Clamp Baler. Looks like a great idea to me.

    Of course I'd need to get yellow DTCBs for my Gross Stabils, but that's probably not too hard to find. Even orange Jorgensen models would be popular.
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    OH BOY!

    I done good.


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    You better hurry and get a patent on that one Don!

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    The DTCB, I like it. I hang mine from the top jaw and let the bottom jaw stay at the bottom on the non-clutch clamps. Clutch style lower jaws just stay wherever they were last used. You've got a great idea there for finger pinch avoidance. ;-)
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