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Thread: 12'' segmented bowl

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    12'' segmented bowl

    After a to long time I finished a turning.
    This time a 12'' segmented bowl, you could see this as a try out for my beltsander too.
    I made this bowl of ''Grenenhout", is not to translate in English, but you can compare this the best with yellow pine.
    It have a very nice smell, and 30 years ago I build with this ''Grenenhout'' two cabinets, and my writingdesk, all still in use.
    This type of ''Grenenhout'' is not that soft, turned very well, and good to sand. Finished with two layers blanc transparent stain.
    Comments are very wellcome.
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    Harvey, Michigan
    Nice looking bowl Ad! You are right - it does look like the yellow pine we have over here. Nice form and finish on the bowl!

    So, do you like segmented turning? Just wondering as I haven't even tried it yet. Seems way to time consuming and then you have all the precision joints you have to cut and glue... Seems like way to much work!

    Anyway, I like your bowl!

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    Ad, very nice looking bowl. Like Steve, I don't think I have the skill or the patience to do segmented turning...well done!
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    Beautiful work, Ad. I love it!
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    Very nice work Ad!

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    Thanks guys for the nice comments.
    I love it to do segmented turning, allways a fun, I have to admit you have to be patient.
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    Nicely done, Ad. I also agree that the Grenenhout wood looks similar to yellow pine. One of these days I hope to try some segmented pieces. For now, I'm having too much fun turning green wood.

    Keep them coming!
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    Ad that is a beautiful bowl. I really like the form. Well done.
    Bernie W.

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