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Thread: Silent auction for a good cause

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    Silent auction for a good cause

    First the disclaimer stuff: this silent auction is not connected with Family Woodworking or the management in any way.

    Now on with the show.

    I have very close friends whose daughter had a baby, Keira, a little over a year ago. The baby was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. CF kid's life expectancy was less than 10 years just a few decades ago. Today's medical advances have increased life expectancy into the 30's or 40's.

    Click here to visit Keira's silent auction and meet her and her mom. There are also links to more pictures and stories as well as more info about Cystic Fibrosis.

    The auction has turning tools, carving tools, hand tools, blacksmithing tools.

    If you'd like to participate in the auction, you will need the registration code: 'nostalgia123' without the quotes.

    If the auction goes well I'll try to have another one. If you'd like to be a part of it, please PM me or email me at joefish75 at hotmail . com.


    P.S. The silent auction software was all written by me, so if you have any trouble with it please notify me immediately so I can fix it!

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    Just to clarify: if you want to participate in this auction, go to the auction page and click on the "Register New Email" link to login and get your bidder ID. You will then be able to place bids.

    Link to auction
    Direct link to registration page


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    Thanks Joe, I missed the part about the registration code > nostalgia123 < but now I have that figured out, so ignore the e-mail I just sent you

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    No worries, Stu I thought it would be a good idea to put in a registration code so we don't get a bunch of people off the street (or Google) signing up. I'm trying to keep the auction in the family as much as possible.


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    Hey folks! Time's running out on the silent auction. Auction is officially over tomorrow at 11 PM GMT. That's Friday, 12/7 at 6PM EST. According to my handy-dandy time calculator, that means as of this posting:

    Auction ends in: 1 days 7 hours 38 minutes 53 seconds.

    HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported our cause so far, whether it be by bidding, donating or just sending well-wishes. The response we've gotten has been far above and beyond anything we expected.


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    I would help.

    I would certainly like to help, but do not know how to log in. Tried usind my FWW login and that did not work?????? Don't know how to help. Would always try to help children.
    Chuck Hanger

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    See posts #1 and #2 in this thread for the info you need. Remember to use the registration code nostalgia123 when you register your email address.


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    I have tried.

    I have tried about everything that I know. Not a easy site to log on to. Have entered my e-mail and password numerous times and still keeps telling me that I can not log in. Another way maybe???
    Chuck Hanger

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    You have to register your email address. As I posted, you need to click on the "Register New Email" link on any of the auction pages. I also provided a direct link to the registration page in post #2 in this thread.

    Have you been to that page? It should look like this:

    New User Registration
    Please enter your email address and password to create an account and retrieve your bidder ID.
    Your email address is used ONLY to uniquely identify you and to contact winning bidders. I will never send you anything else.
    Registration code:
    Verify password:
    So you would enter something like this:

    Registration code: nostalgia123
    Password: make_up_a_password
    Verify password: make_up_a_password
    Then press Submit.

    If you get to that page and still have trouble, let me know.


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    Oh, and if you're seeing an error message, please post it. That'll help me diagnose your problem.


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