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Thread: No More Turning for Me

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    No More Turning for Me

    Yep, you read it right. No more turning. At least not for a while.

    We're getting ready to get some long-awaited electrical upgrades done at the house, and part of that includes getting a subpanel installed in the shop. (I'm currently running the whole shop on two 15 amp 110v circuits, shared with the washer, dryer, and outside lighting.) In order to get the panel and new circuits installed, I need to do some major rearranging of stored lumber and other junk leaning against the one wall in the shop that's not filled with cabinets. Since I'll be uprooting things a lot just to get to that point, I figured it's time to empty the shop and just start over. A good thorough reorganization is good every once in awhile. (Plus, the electricians can work faster if all my stuff is out of their way, thus saving me money.)

    Between now and about this time next week, I plan to empty the shop, purge a bunch of junk (including the carpet on the floor), move some stuff into storage, and put down a coat of Rustoleum epoxy garage floor paint with the epoxy chip sprinkles in it. (It'll match the adjacent laundry room, where were did the same floor treatment a few years ago before we moved in.) I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off from work next week and I'll try to do the bulk of the grunt work over the extended weekend. The paint is gonna take a bit of time to cure before I can set things back up on it, though.

    Still don't have the meter spot from the power company yet, so I don't know when the electrician will be starting on the electrical upgrades. I'd really like to get it done next week, but it's too early to know if that's going to be doable or not. I won't have the shop fully back up and running until some time after he's done. In the meantime, I'll be working on cleaning up an old metal cabinet that was my granddad's and turning it into a rolling bench/tool cart, just for something to stay busy with. (And another show on the weekend of Dec. 8 and 9, so I won't be working on any shop stuff then.) However it works out, I won't be turning until after the electrician is done. I buffed a bowl tonight, and that's the last spinning the lathe is going to do for a while.

    I'll start a thread over in the Shop Tours forum to track the progress of the remodeling project. It promises to be a fun transformation that I think the turners will be interested in seeing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Yep, you read it right. No more turning. At least not for a while.......... However it works out, I won't be turning until after the electrician is done.
    Wow Vaughn. If you're not turning for 3 weeks or more that means.....let me won't be posting pictures of 25 or 30 projects!

    Really looking forward to the shop tour!
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    no more carpet........that 70`s vintage shag is getting hard to come by vaughn
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    Vaughn, looks like a remodeling job, like I did in the begin of this year, than it takes me almost 3 months to get around with it.
    Wish you good luck.

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    Vaughn, make sure you save a piece of the carpet, frame it and hang it on the wall of the shop...btw are you putting in 220 service for your lathe upgrade in the future? You know it's going to happen. Good Luck with the project!
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    Me too. I'm temporarily lathe-less. Moved the old Griz to the garage yesterday and will advertise for sale. Driving to Springfield, MO in about an hour. If you don't know what I'll be doing there, you haven't been paying attention.
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    Uh....Vaughn......I'd rethink that "remove the shag carpet" thing!.......Where are you going to get all the neat ideas you come up with in your turnings if you remove the carpet? players are superstious..........aren't turners too?
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    Hope the renovation goes well, Vaughn. I'm looking forward to seeing photos, before and after!

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    I don't envy you the effort but the results will be great. I just went through a very minor fixup/electrical job on the shop and boy it ate up my sawdust time. I haven't made anything worthwhile in months. Done a lot of fixup around the shop though. I feel like a painter; 90% prep, 10% painting. My prep is almost done . . . . Good luck with the remodel. Oh, and make room for that compressor ;-)
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