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Thread: What's going on this weekend?

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    What's going on this weekend?

    Haven't done this thread the last few weeks as I was busy and away from the computer....
    The LOML's birthday is tomorrow and we have my MIL taking our 2yr old daughter for an overnight...first time in almost a year without her ( and ) We are having a few friends over for drinks and appetizers and if the winter storm on the way has quieted down by then maybe a few smores from the firepit outside.

    I will be finishing up a few lathe projects this weekend as well, hope to post some pics on Sunday...since my beloved Packers lost last night and won't be on the TV I should have time.

    What is everyone else doing, Vaughn I think you have your hands full with the shop clear out and rearrange. Have a great weekend!!
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    Well we will be putting up the tree this weekend, this Christmas will be the first Christmas in 5 years that my girls will be here at home with my wife and I, usually they get to go to Grampa and Grama's house in Canada for a couple of weeks over the Christmas vacation. This year my eldest has started junior high school and has tests right up until the 24th, so there was no way she could miss those, thus the kids are home for Christmas. You see here in Japan, Christmas is NOT a holiday, and it is the BUSIEST season for the Liquor shop. Other than that, dunno, might be working on this project for the Dentist.

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    I going to pick up some ash from a local sawyer and get started on the artist table. Del McCoury is in town tomorrow night so we'll probably be listening to some good bluegrass!

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    Since closing on the house Nov. 16th (my birthday, oddly enough), I've spent every spare minute over there doing stuff like moving a back door, pulling up carpet, opening up a wall to discover french doors (and windows), patching said windows, patching an awkward doorway ... umm lessee ... oh meeting with hardwood floor guys, stucco guys, alarm guys and hopefully plumber guys if one ever actually shows up...

    This weekend, you say? The fateful conversation with my landlord tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to that conversation. He's a great guy and we really hit it off. Plus, I did so much to this place we're in that we actually should probably be negotiating to sell him some things (appliances we don't wanna move, for example). It gets all business-y real fast and i'm not looking forward to that.

    After that, the rest of the weekend will be spent mudding and sanding and priming and painting and hopefully ... just hopefully ... i'll be able to crawl around under the house to run grounding wires for all the outlets, cat5 and phone as well as some coax for certain rooms ...

    So this is what home ownership is like, eh? :P
    Jason Beam
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    Jason, an old guy once told me, "want a full time job, buy a house!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Beam View Post
    ...So this is what home ownership is like, eh? :P
    And worth every minute (and penny) of it. Congrats on the new house. A lot of work, but you're doing it all for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Beam View Post
    So this is what home ownership is like, eh? :P
    No...this is the fun part. Getting it the way you want before you move in. Home ownership is keeping it that way!! Way more work and expense.
    Not sure what I'll do this weekend. We have my company Christmas party tomorrow night. Sounds like a great family affair with 5 bounce houses for the little ones, Santa Clause, etc. Might tackle installing the Biese fence on my saw this weekend, or start making the drawers for the router table, since I've had the BB in the shop for about a month now! Have a good weekend everyone! Jim.
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    Doing "girlie" stuff today -- claws sharpened (nails done), resting and relaxing. Have about 5 laser jobs on the hook for the weekend, but no thing major or time-crunchy. Gonna try to convince LOML to take me out to dinner tonight, and try to get in some preps for Christmas--since I have to mail every gift, I need to get it done.

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    LOML's working late tonight and has a B-day party tomorrow so its shop time for me. I want to whip up a re-saw attachment for the BS and get a few more things put away following the electrical re-build just finished. I need to re-make / improve my dowel holder and mount it to the rafters as well. Every little bit helps on the road back to getting the shop ready.
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    I'm gonna actually get something turned!

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