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Thread: 5c Saga . . .

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    5c Saga . . .

    Almost a year ago found a #5c body and frog that looked like it had spent a good many years at the bottom of a well. BUT it cried out for some love'n. FINALLY got a #5 on da' Bay for cheap to canabalize. Everything bead blasted and new japaning. Rehabed and moved woods, chip breaker & iron, lever cap and even removed and installed the lateral lever ( THERES an education ! ). Now it has a new happy home and my "C" Jones is satisfied for . . . well, 'till I see that rusty ol' 8c !
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    That really cleaned up nice! No pitting problems?

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    Hi Steve ,
    I am always so pleased, for someone, when they share a joy like this, that has come into their life. Thank you for letting us in on this with you!
    It looks like a real treasure, from my house!
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