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Thread: From "the best of craigslist" -- even kinda wood related...

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    From "the best of craigslist" -- even kinda wood related...

    Absolutely hilarious! Make sure to look for the stump

    Disclaimer-- the linked ad is clean, but anyone likely to be offended by language should use extreme caution when viewing other posts in "the best of craigslist"

    with that in mind, I won't be offended if this post gets deleted.

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    I wonder if it was a Ficus???
    "Forget the flat stuff slap something on the spinny thing and lets go, we're burning daylight" Bart Leetch
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    you are a bad, bad man. I'm sitting here trying hard Not to laugh because I'm reading the CL best of and snickering.(the LOML is sleeping after being on call last night at the fire house) Language warning was well deserved, but I can always close the window. I wonder what kind of truck/car that Was though.

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