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Thread: First snow...

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    Tokiwadai, Japan

    First snow...

    We got our first '07 Winter snow today. About 3 inches in the ground now, but it's supposed to warm up it will be short lived. Still kinda pretty and gets you in the holiday mood.

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    I thought it only rained in Seattle.
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    We've had snow 200 miles east of you for a while. Yesterday I decided it was time to get some snow tires on my company van. It took a while but driving from Moscow, Idaho to Lewiston last night I was sure glad I did. The Les Scwabb tire store only had some studded tires and they didn't charge me for the studs. Boy those studded snow tires sure worked well!

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    Hi Greg ,
    Thanks for the beautiful picture, it is so holiday like. I really like the color of your house, it is so fitting.
    Scrawl Merry Christmas on the windshield, watch out for the man behind the foot prints, ( wizard of Oz), and you have a prize winning Christmas photo!
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    I tell you, I miss the snow, yeah, I know, sounds dumb, but I do.

    Studded tires eh Ken? You know they are illegal now in Japan, they say they damage the roads too much
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    I just finished shoveling, snow blowing our driveway. We got 6-7 inches and late yesterday afternoon and evening the snow turned over to sleet. It's now 36 degrees and the snow is getting very heavy. We're supposed to get cold again later today, so if it isn't melted it's gonna freeze.

    Studded tires are illegal in Wisconsin. Too much damage to the roads. I'm not sure about chains, but the only thing that you'll see with chains are the county and state plow trucks and even they don't use them very often. The road crews keep the roads drivable except in the worst of blizzards and then they're out as soon as it's possible.

    Very few people use snow tires either. I think because the roads are kept clear so well. It's nice not to have to buy and change tires twice a year.


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    We are supposed to get 12-16 inches tonight, but I will believe it when I see it. Even for this snowmobiler, anything before Christmas is usually a dusting...just enough to track a cat. Anyway my sled is down, two broken bogie wheels so guess what I'll be doing this afternoon?!!

    Just for the record, you can have studded snow tires on here in Maine between October 1st and May 1st, after that they got to be off. Its a 155 dollar fine if your late taking them off, don't ask me how I know that!
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    It is still snowing here in Vitoria with big heavy wet flakes. Driving is a nightmare as most Victorians don't know how to drive in the snow as it never really happens here. We didn't get it as bad as Campbell river ( up island) they recieved 50 cm ( around 25 inches ) in two days. Winter is offically here. On the lighter note it is suppose to start raining heavy and warm up to 12 degrees celcius tomorrow. Oh how I miss the long cold nights of northern BC where it snows and lasts till April / May. .........Mmmmmm not really

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    We got our first last night. Mostly turned over to sleet and freezing rain though and it made a real mess of the roads. We skipped driving 1/2 way across the state for a family gathering because of it.

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    A mere 35 miles or so south of Greg, all we received was non stop rain. I was kind of excited to see our new puppy's reaction to the snow, too...

    Washington state allows for "seasonal' use of studded tires, however, if you get caught with them outside the specified time period, you'll get hit with a fine. As a former WSDOT employee, I know for a fact that if they had their way, they would be banned here as well. Although effective, they reek havoc on asphalt.

    Greg, did you ever end up getting your exterior house paint job finished?

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