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Thread: Idea for Shop Ceiling

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    Idea for Shop Ceiling

    Want to run an idea by you guys for my shop ceiling. This probably isn't an original idea . I may have even read about it someplace. Don't remember. Anyway, it goes like this...

    I need to finish my 24'x'36'x10' shop ceiling. I'm thinking drywall because of cost and paintability. I really don't look forward to mudding & taping though. How does this sound: Hang the drywall as usual and instead of mud & tape, take 1/2"x3" strips of poplar or mdf and cover the seams with that. I was thinking I could use finish nails to hang these strips but I wasn't sure if that would be strong enough. I was also thinking I might cut the drywall down to 4'x4' so I don't have to rent a lift. A benefit of this would be that I could remove the seam-covers and unscrew the drywall if I need to get up there for any reason.

    One issue I see is with painting. Painting a bunch of 4'x4' squares is more difficult than just running a roller over the whole thing. I may do the painting before installation.

    Does anyone see any other issues with this approach? Am I missing something here?

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    Unless your really bothered about the looks, I'd just drywall it skip the mud and paint it.
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    Rob, I do see a problem, (that is) if you are going to fasten the drywall only around the edges of the 4' x 4' squares. Due to the weight of the drywall, it will definitely sag over a period of time and with the screws only around the edges of the 4' x4' squares, the weight of the drywall will eventually let the screws pull through and it WILL come crashing down. If, however, you use the normal recommended screw pattern for the ceiling installation of drywall, you can easily mud over the screws, then the use of the strips over the seams as you described, would work satisfactorily and no tape or mud would be needed there.

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    Ok, this is a bit different, but .... when I built my garage 21 years ago, I used drywall on the walls and ceiling ... why? ... because that's what was done ... I never thought to do any different.

    When I build my next (and final) garage, I'm going to use painted steel on the inner walls and ceiling. It's light weight which makes it easy to install, it needs no mudding, it needs no surface finishing (pre-painted) and it will not burn easily. Properly insulated wall cavities will keep it from transmitting (losing) heat.

    About the only negative that I can think of is that drywall has some ability to slow fire down by insulating the wall framing material from the fire whereas steel would transmit the heat almost instantly and under serious heat will melt where drywall will not.

    Building codes in your area may prohibit this approach.

    cheers eh?

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    how `bout skipping drywall alltogether and putting white melimine on your ceiling? no painting required and if screw holes bother you color matched caps are available to cover screw heads.
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    I've seen some nice shop ceilings done in Fabral painted steel....considered doing mine in it, but I had free leftover o.s.b.
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    Rob, why not get a few estimates for doing the ceiling. Get a pro to do it. They will more then likely hang 12' sheets, meaning less seams to be taped. You can also pay them to tape the seems for you. Then you can paint it yourself. Use their backs for the heavy work, not yours. You might be surprised to find out that subbing the job out, it will get finished much quicker then you can do it yourself. You might also be surprised that the cost will not be much more then if you did it yourself. The cost of the Sheetrock and other suppiles will be about the same weather you buy it or the contractor buys it for you. You won't have to lift a thing except a pen to sign the check. I am getting ready to get my ceiling done. It is also 10' high but is only 24'x28'. I have an estimate of $850.00. This includes delivery, screws, tape, mud and a textured finish. I will paint it myself. Yes it will cost you more but your back will thank you. Don't forget to take in the cost of the slats, which if the pro does it you won't be needing them. For the size of your ceiling, that is a lot of lumber. The issue you had about painting the slats is no longer a concern. After it is Sheetrocked you can now have blown insulation put in.

    Now, how are you going to heat that new workshop?

    Do you have the rough in electrical for your ceiling lights yet? I wanted to Sheetrock my ceiling first, then do the electrical, but where I live the inspector said the electrical had to be done first so it could be inspected. Once it past the rough in inspection I could get the Sheetrock hung.
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    Joe is right Rob, Get a pro in to hang the board. The costs should be lower than that if you want to tackle the mudding yourself. Use 5/8 Fire board for insurance reasons and just get it taped, then paint it yourself. I would avoid a textured ceiling as that stuff is just a dust collector in a shop. Get all the backing in for all your expected needs as well as the insulation Vapor narrier ( if required) and wiring. You would hate to rip out board to re-wire later.

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    I agree Rob, get a crew to do that one.
    There will be plenty of other places to save a buck and you will sure be glad you did.


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    according to joes prices the ceiling would cost you around 1200 and then you factor in how long it would take you to do and you can see your savings in dollars alone... my prefernce wouldnt be drywall but to each his own
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