I finally found a decent stain for my feeders. I'm using Cabot acrylic siding stain. It does a nice job and the bonus is its supposed to be reasonably UV resistant and dries to a nice satin finish so I don't have to varnish over the top.The only downside is that even though it's water based it gives me a headache after a while. The temps here are in the 30's so I have to keep the garage door closed to keep the temp in the required range.

After completing about 75% of the staining I needed to do I wanted to ask if there are any tips the good folk here might have for staining? The feeders have lots (and lots) of 90deg corners and it's a nightmare trying to catch all the drips that form when the brush hits a corner. I look it over and over and over and think I've caught all of them only to find ones that got away once its dried

Is there some method to apply stain with a brush where you don't get the drips forming or am I just kidding myself? I'm hoping these will be the last ones I'll do with a brush but just in case I cant afford a hvlp unit soon any tips would be appreciated.