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Thread: Powermatic PM 2800 drill press

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    Powermatic PM 2800 drill press

    Has anyone purchased one of these or know anyone that has one? I would like to hear some input on the quality, precision etc. Delta is also coming out with their own version but it is taking forever. Then it will be a while before any reviews come out on it. Any help would be appreciated.


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    doug, i have only heard one review from a guy on another forum and he was not impressed. can't remember why, but i am pretty sure he returned it.

    what about the steel city, i have heard nuthin but good about that one.

    hope someone has more info for you.


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    The poor 2800 has taken a terrible beating in the reviews of buyers. I hope someone here can post who has actually tried the machine as second hand info is not good and that is all I have. Posts like:

    "I've owned a PM2800 18 variable speed drill press since Saturday. It's going back. It vibrates so bad you need ear plugs just to be around it."

    And another one:

    "I will most likely talk to my PM dealer tomorrow and see if I can return this unit. I keep finding more limitations with this drill press than I had expected."

    make me nervous though. I hope to hear some good about this machine as it looks so right on paper.
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    Reports like that reflect poorly on the company and it's entire product line. Have to wonder why/how they let something like that get off the assembly line. Where are their QC people?
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    I'd buy a used one again in a heart beat, got a good deal and a GREAT drill press, the thing is 45 years old, and has NO run-out at all, NONE!

    I wonder how many "NEW" units can say the same?

    I too have heard great things about the Steel City tools, I think several guys have them, here, in the Family.
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    Doug, get yourself a good used Bridgeport. Heck with the DP!
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    I ordered the PM2800 back when. I read just to many kinks about it. One guy wrote up a full report of to many things cheaply made for a $1000 drill press. (By the time it got here)
    I canceled it and ordered the Steel City and I am sure glad I did. I can't see any drill press being much better than this one! Not to mention the price difference.

    I do wish however, that Steel City would make a wood working table similar to the Delta 17-959L If the Delta table would fit the SC and not cost as much as a complete drill press, I would get one in a heart beat.


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    Here was a review from Frank Snyder at SMC. It didn't sound to favorable for the price.


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