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Thread: Book Case for Christmas

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    Cool Book Case for Christmas

    What started out to be a small little book rack to set on top of my Great Granddaughter's dresser got a little out of hand. Next thing I knew I was searching through my wood supply for enough material to build a very strong book case for a 8 year old with a 3 year old brother. I used my ussual tounge and groove construction. With glue and pocket hole screws for a child proof assembly. Also rounded corners on the top to keep the 3 year old from getting knots in his forhead. Used all oak except for the bottom floor of the case.... Had to use birch there as I ran out of the 3/4" oak plywood. Face frame and top are all soild oak.
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    Looks like the kids have a very nice piece of furniture. I like the rounding of the corners/edges for safety.


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    Looks real nice, Ron. I'll bet it'll be around when those kids are off in college.
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    Nicely done Ron. For sure it will be around when she has her own little ones books/toys to store.


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    Great job, those kids will get a lot of use out of it. Good thinking on rounding the corners, to protect your greatgrandson.

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    I like it Ron! Nicely done.
    BTW, those dents in the cabinet must have happened before you rounded the corners, right?
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    Looks great, they might not really appreciate it at 8 years old, but I'm sure the bookcase will be around long enough for them to appreciate it for sure.

    Nice work!
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