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Thread: Saw blade marks on edge of wood

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    Saw blade marks on edge of wood

    Hi guys,

    My table saw is leaving blade marks on the edge of my wood as shown in this picture. I'm sure this is a common thing and probably has a simple solution, but I am relatively new to woodworking and not sure of the cause.

    Any suggestions?

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    I agree with Matt. Looks like the wood moved toward the blade at some point. Maybe when you pause to move your hands? First impression is that it is a technique problem more than a saw problem.

    Unless your fence is moving because it is not clamping down tight.
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    I'll second Matt's points. Also, how are you pushing the wood through the blade? I find that if I'm using push sticks, the featherboards really do help keep things tight against the fence. I prefer using the Grrrippers from Micro Jig. I feel like I have better control of the wood than with push sticks.

    One other word of advice. Marks like that usually indicate the wood is moving around in directions it shouldn't be. Those are the times when things like kickbacks can happen. Remember to stand out of the line of fire (in line with the blade), and don't hesitate to ask questions of the gang here. No such thing as a stupid question.
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    you stopped feeding the board...a complete portion of a circle means the board stood still while the blade was running......not safe or good saw technique, practice will teach you the dance most of us incorperate when driving the tablesaw..
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