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Thread: A GREAT Service Rant!

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    A GREAT Service Rant!

    OK, I ordered a box of stuff from The Klingspor Shop about 8 PM (my time) December 3rd, last Monday. Got the confirmation right away, and the next day, go the "Your package has shipped" confirmation e-mail. It got here today around 2 PM on the 7th of December, Friday.

    For coming all the way across the Pacific to be, without a hitch, at a reasonable price and with no mistakes is great, and this is the second time for them.

    They WILL be getting my business again!
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    stu, i second that report. klingspor has joined the ranks of amazon and woodcraft for excellent notification of what's happening and very quick shipment. i've had two pleasant experiences with them in the last month. we need to share and build this list of good suppliers to encourage the laggards to pick up their game.
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    Bosch customer service

    I bought a Bosch reconditioned saber saw off E-bay. When received it did not have the no mar sole plate. I called Bosch and had one in 4 days at no charge! Not an expensive item but GREAT customer service.


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