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Thread: Danish Oil & Minwax stain

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    Question Danish Oil & Minwax stain

    Can I danish oil over minwax stain. I like the look of the Danish oil and the color of the golden oak stain. I just finished a white oak mantel and have it stained already. I really don't want to poly it

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    Have any scraps laying around?I dont se why it wouldnt work as stain does not close the pores of the wood. Oil should be able to soak in over a stain, but try it on a few scraps on let them dry a few days to see how it looks.

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    i`ll second the "try it on scrap" advice.....the oil might break down the binders in the stain and allow you to move the stain particles around when you`re wiping off the oil?
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    Yes I have a few scraps and I will give it a try....I'll get a few pics of the mantel too

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    Here are a few pics so far. I decided to poly it and try tintinf the oil next time rather that cahnce messing up the finish since I have a few hours of time invested in the project

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    Nice job Reg.. looks good..

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