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Thread: New Infinity Combomax on Ebay cheap

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    New Infinity Combomax on Ebay cheap

    This is not my item and I"m not associated with them in any manner (that I know of ), but it looks like a nice deal for someone. I've been pretty impressed with my Combomax Lite.

    Brand new 10" Infinity Combomax 50T full kerf blade (I asked) for $40 shipped...nearly half off a new one from Infinity. $40 is the "Buy It Now" price. There's also an opportunity to bid on it for less (or more depending on how that goes). If interested, I'd grab the "BIN" price to lock it in.
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    hi scott

    good lead !! i just clicked on the link and it said the buy it now price is 27.50 plus 12.00 shipping, with shipping at 2 blades for the same shipping price
    what are you building today ??


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    That is one teriffic deal! I already have three combo blades or I would jump on it myself.

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