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Thread: honey dippers

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    honey dippers

    my niece is a chef at elway's in denver and wanted a bunch of these to give with infused honey that she gave as christmas gifts last year. made from curly maple with a walnut oil finish. nick cook article gave idea.
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    Those are some good looking dippers Dale. She is going to like them. Well done.
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    Nice as well, but how did you manage the turning with the broken shoulder,you spoke of earlier. ???

    Doing great it seems. I have those on a list of goodies yet to be generated.

    Thanks for the post and keep up the work with your broken wing.

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    did these last year. just bored out of my skull tonight. 175 channels of nothing to watch.

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    Neat. Hope shoulder is healing well. Ye gotta be bored silly. Just hug that little 'un when she is around. That will bring
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    Those are nice, Dale! Sorry to hear about the busted wing. Hope your back in action soon!
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    I totally missed these when you posted them, Dale. I don't recall seeing any done with nice curly wood. I like the upgrade.
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