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Thread: What I spent the last two years building

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    Talking What I spent the last two years building

    Thought some of you guys might get a kick out of seeing my latest woodworking project. Took two years of hours snatched from busy schedule as I could. It was a lot of fun to build. It is a 20' Whitehall row boat (pulling boat). She is very fast even with two over weight old people in it.

    This was a nice summer day, about 85 degrees, should have bottled that day. 25 degrees now 3-5" of snow on the way.

    Have a good one...

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    Thumbs up

    Man o man, very pretty Tom

    A real beauty. Classic design executed perfectly
    Cheers! - Jim

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    One word that can describe your work of art is ...

    Donít have the best tools, don't use the best woods and projects donít always turnout perfeck.
    I just feel the need to work with wood!

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    Wow, that's a beautiful boat. I'll bet it gets a lot of looks from bystanders, too. Great job, Tom.
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    That is an absolute Beauty, Tom. What is the wood she's made from? Looks like a really shallow draft for a boat that size, so she should be pretty fast.

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    Now That is talent.

    Beautiful Tom, Just beautiful


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    It is Western Red Cedar for the Hull, other parts are made of White Oak, Black Walnut, Curly Maple, and Cherry. Oars are made from Hackberry.

    It is pretty fast, even with two over weight old people running the oars. It has a somewhat deep keel, approx 4". it track straigh beautifully, takes a while to turn it around, dosen't pivot in place worth a darn.

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    Now that is my kind of project! Always loved the lines of a Whitehall. Never had the opportunity to row one though. Looks really nice!!

    Now I got to ask, Hackberry for oars?? Thats a first for me. I know hackberry is sort of light weight wood. Maybe your on to something there! Wondering if it would be a good choice for paddles? Of course I couldn't find it around here unless I cut the tree myself.
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    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to Family Woodworking.

    If I may ask a question of you, where did you get the plans for your beautiful boat? Looks like a well made rowing boat.
    Bill Antonacchio

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    very nice boat there,, havnt seen yours up close but i have been at a boat launch ore than once and admired others efforts in the fine craftsmanship in a wooden boat,,very pretty indeed and for the hackberry jeff how much you need????
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