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Thread: Anyone else in Lubbock or Sherman, Tx area?

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    Anyone else in Lubbock or Sherman, Tx area?

    Need a woodworker in the north Texas area that would be willing to open their shop to me as well as give me a hand building a crib for my sister. (for Christmas) I've got the design done but I don't think I"m going to have time to get it finished before school is out (I live in Lubbock right now)

    Or, if someone is willing to do the same here in Lubbock, I'm not headed back to Sherman until the 20th.

    sorry for the beg post but she really wants this for Christmas and the university isn't exactly accommodating

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    Sorry Les, it is a bit to far for me to help. Don't even know anybody there who could help. Good luck, I am sure you would have alot of folks that would like to help but live a ways away.
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    you mean nothing close to lubbock, tx? lol, that is just a reality of living on the island in west texas. closest thing to us is 2 hrs away. I've got one offer but it's a slight commute. I'll figure something out. thanks

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