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    Problem solving

    There is always the story where a fellow saws off a table leg then another and another and so on, trying to get rid of the wobble and ends up with a stool before he is done. Well.... the grandkids are at the in between stage where they are too big for a high chair yet too small for the table's chairs, so in between chairs are needed (Christmas Dinner is coming soon and we will face the same delima as Thanks Giving...

    As I have spoke of befor my mom bought a new house and moved I was over helping to clean up the old and saw where she had some old bar stools in the basement, going to toss them out as the joints were loose etc. besides being ugly and not right for her new home. I snatched them up and reglued the joints, etc but they were too tall for a kid sitting at the table. Wife says cut the legs off. OK, so it doesn't really make them look better but they are the correct height, now. How did I keep from having Wobble Legs? (Thought you would never ask...)

    I took a couple pieces of scrap. fastened a flat stand and drilled a 1/2" hole centered at the length I wanted to remove.... wedged the sharpie in the hole with a sliver of scrap. Placed the stool on a flat surface (scrap Corian) and simply moved the sharpie about, leaving a level line on all the legs,

    Grabbed the Backsaw and split the line, leaving a shorter (uglier) stool for the grandkids, wobble free....

    Not much going on here on a rainy winter day....

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    That's a good one Bill! Real glad you didn't have to do a post about leveling the concrete for the chairs to sit level.
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    Keep the cuts offs
    Drill and dowell them after to get the height back when you so desire..........

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