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Thread: New Router Bit Set

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    New Router Bit Set

    I know by the title you say why don't you put it unnder new tools? Well the reason is This is a product of the new router bits. In my garage I have some of my old kitchen cabinets. They have been there for years. Then one day after talking to some one that wanted some cabinets made. I thought it would be nice to be able to show them some door styles for real instead of just pictures. So I have started to put different doors on these old cabinets. I do this when ever I have enough scrap wood to do the job. The new bit set is for Shaker Style doors. The first two doors on the right were arched raised panel and the next was the shaker raised panel. Next I will do a Flat pannel Shaker style. Really some nice bits to work with. As you can see the old doors are so plain and it gives me a good spot to show off the different door styles
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Shaker Raised Pannel Door.jpg   Shaker door R-P installed.jpg  

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    Great way to display the possibilities! Do you make your own templates for the arched panels? If so, any tips on making them?

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    No Ed, I don't make my own templates. I asume you are refering to the arched raised panels. It only cost about $35.00 for a set of about 8 different sizes. Of course they offer almost that many different styles. At this time I only have one style. More to come if I get a call for something else.

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    That's a good idea Ron and I hope that it gets you lots of business.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Good looking doors Ron.

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