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Thread: Hello from a new member

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    Hello from a new member

    Thought I would introduce myself. My name is Dietrich and my main purpose of woodworking is to make toys and other things for my grandchildren ( I have 4, the oldest is 4 years old), plus teach them woodworking as they grow up. I live in Colorado, my "woodshop" is my garage and the temperature outside right now is around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So even with a heater it's an uphill battle to be in the shop. I have built some very nice projects over the last 40 some years and hope to keep doing it.


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    Welcome Dietrich. Being a thin-blooded Californian I find 40 degrees to be a challenge. I work in short phases when it is "cold". Do a few steps and go in for a little while then go back and do a bit more. Glad to have you.
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    Welcome Dietrich! I hope you have many opportunities to teach your grandchildren your skills in woodworking. I'm sure you will like things here. We have knowledgeable, friendly people who like to teach as well as learn.


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    Welcome aboard, Dietrich. I grew up in New Mexico, but have spent some time in Colorado. It's a beautiful state. What part are you in?
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    welcome from minnesota. my sister and her daughter live in colorado, denver area. great country. my niece is a chef at elway's if you ever get a chance to get there.

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    Welcome to the Family Dietrich!

    I am from Canada, so I get the "Cold" thing, but now I live in Tokyo Japan, where it never really gets cold
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    Hi there Dietrich!

    I was raised in Indiana so I know cold.

    These days I hang my hat in Florida.
    I had the air conditioner on this evening in the shop.


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    Wellcome Dietrich, I'm the only bird coming from Holland, can be pretty cold here, I have a heater in my outside shop, but close my shop when it's to cold in wintertime.

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    hi dietrich!
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    Welcome Dietrich!
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