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Thread: Introductory Post

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    Introductory Post

    Greetings to those who routinely convert lumber into sawdust.

    My first real project: Turning a salvaged restaurant countertop into a cabinet for my benchtop table saw. The countertop (It was leaning up against a dumpster - just begging to be hauled away - so I did!) is 1 1/2 thick MDF/Laminate - the rest of the cabinet is 3/4" Borg ply, biscuited & screwed. 2x4 framework on the bottom, complete with casters for mobility. It's a heavy beast! Pegboard on both ends, Drawers & storage cabinets on either side, also biscuited/screwed 3/4" ply. The face frame is red oak, and the drawer faces from an old A/V cabinet that was surplus to requirements. The OSB cabinet door ended up that way because I just refused to cut into another full sheet of ply for one little cabinet door.

    There are more pics of this, plus the fence I built for it, on my Flickr page:

    My shop is a "double deep" one car garage bay - that still gets used as a garage - so I do have to share space with the car. Mobility & rolling the car out gains a fair amount of work space.

    So far, the table saw keeps company with a miter saw, a band saw, benchtop drill press, 6" jointer, 12" planer, and a router table. I do have a tiny little 1" belt/5" disc sander, a larger belt sander is in the near future, along with serious dust collection - for now, the shop vac has to suffice.

    The place is adequately lit - moderately well heated & inadequately cooled. All things that will be addressed slowly over time as budget allows.

    I have been lurking & reading for a little while, and in the fairly near future will get a selection of pics up on the "Show us your shop" thread.

    Thanks for putting up with my long-windedness.

    -Kevin in Indy
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    Welcome Kevin!

    Great save on the cabinet, looks like it was made for that saw!
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    Hi Kevin!

    Welcome to the family

    Great pictures!!!!!


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    Hi Kevin, and welcome aboard. No apologies necessary for the the length of your post. You apparently haven't seen some of the "novels" I tend to post.

    Nice job on the saw cabinet...I like your thinking on the OSB door.
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    hi kevin!
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    Welcome Kevin!!
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    Welcome Kevin. Nice job on the cabinet. There are a few of us here who get a kick out of finding new uses or re-uses for materials. Well done.
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    Hi Kevin
    Very nice cabinet..............

    YEA!..........another flat wood worker.

    Coffee Pot is on

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    Welcome to the Family Kevin.

    I might have to borrow your fence design. I want to make a TS cabinet for my benchtop TS, but couldn't picture how to make a fence to accomdate I think I do. Thanks.
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    Thanks, Guys!!!

    Bob - Nice taste in Football Teams.

    Jeff - hey, no problem - just drop a quarter in the "Royalty Cup"

    Stuart - Yeah, it was made EXACTLY for that saw - because that's the way I made it. It was just that red counter top that I scrounged - the rest I designed & built myself. Only stopped & started over twice.

    Not a current shot - but here's my "Mess" from sometime last spring:

    -Kevin in Indy
    "Heroic? He fell off his bloody Aeroplane!"

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