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Thread: Under the volcano

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    Under the volcano

    So there's this book, by Malcolm Lowry, that many say is the best of the 20th century. The main character, and the author himself, are a little unsavory, but I would tend to agree that it's one of the half dozen must reads coming out of the language. The fictional country in which it's set is prone to authoritarianism (to put it delicately), and this is reflected in a sign posted everywhere in the public gardens:

    "This is your garden! Why is it yours? We evict those who destroy!"

    And I couldn't help but be reminded of that when I was reading a thread about a tool company on some other forum today. The thread (for legitimate reasons, likely) was locked. Part of the message that went up about the thread being locked:

    "Please note that the rules in the TOS will be enforced. Please also note that discussion of moderation is also prohibited."

    I only post this to remind us, gratefully, why we're here, instead of elsewhere, and to remind us to be constantly vigilant against this kind of thing, which is easy for even very good people to slide into....



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    Discussion of moderation is prohibited!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Bill, I enjoy that kind of stuff.
    And that is the why of Family woodworking, Thanks again to the rebels/visionaries
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    appalling......simply appalling
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    Quote Originally Posted by tod evans View Post
    appalling......simply appalling
    what because they are callin you name's tod sounded like a complimant ta me
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