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Thread: Drill Press Add-on

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    Drill Press Add-on

    Last month I decided to get a few projects done that would make life in the shop a bit easier. I got one done then promptly got bronchitis which is still hanging around. Be that as it may, the one project I did get done was a little shelf for my Drill Doctor. It previously lived in a drawer in the base of the drill press and didn't get used as often as it could - or should.

    I did the initial layout in Sketchup - which worked so well, I only needed one slight modification when I went from drawing to actual part. I thought that was great considering how tight the space and how complex all of the little protrusions on the DP are. Sketchup proves to be a time saver once again! While I was at it, I added a little work light to it that I had sitting around. (it came with something else, but I don't remember what)

    With the Drill Doctor sitting with-in easy reach, ready to go, it's not such a hassle to touch up a bit during a project! I do move it down to the DP table to use mostly because I'm short.

    Thanks for looking,
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    Neat project. What holds the Drill Dr to the shelf? Just gravity? Maybe your drill press is better balanced than mine


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    Is that metal workin or wood workin?

    Looks great
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    Garry, yeah, just gravity. It hasn't been a problem with normal drilling - yet. Good point, I'll have to put it to the test - maybe with a fly cutter to make sure it doesn't walk off. I'll put a post-it on the DP so I don't forget!

    Bruce, it's fake wood (3/4" MDF) but painted with hammertone paint which does give it a metal like look. The hammertone was left over from another project, but was a good match for the DP.

    I will mention that drawing this up to begin with also enabled me to see how I could simplify fabrication over my initial design. I ended up designing it so my cutting schedule was much more efficient - making one rip cut at 5-1/2", and then cross cutting that down to 8" long and two 3" long pieces. One of the 3" pieces which was to become the brace for the table was cut back with an ogee like cut on the bandsaw. They were then glued, screwed and sanded. Waiting for the paint to dry took the most time of the project. Oh, and I should mention it is mounted with one "U" bolt around the DP column.

    I'm itching to get back into the shop especially if Santa brings some new tools on his sleigh!


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    Neat idea, Wes. I can see a lot of other uses for a similar attachment. (My Drill Doctor is on the bench right next to the drill press.)
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    That is a great idea Wes, and it sure does a good job of imitating metal!

    Does the Drill Doctor have any feet on it? If so, you could make four holes that the feet would sit in, this might keep it in place if things got moving and shaking a bit. The other thing you could do is put a length of fine cable or chain on it, attached to the DP, so if it DOES fall off, it don't hit the floor!

    Great idea, all I need is to get a Drill Doctor
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    Good ideas Stu. Yes, it does have little feet on it - I had a thought while falling asleep last night of adding some Velcro to the feet and the top - the indents/holes wouldn't get as dirty as Velcro though. I'm not sure if it does move around, but I'll err on the side of caution and heed Garry's warning since they don't make this model anymore!


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