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Thread: Sketchup for Dummies

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    Sketchup for Dummies

    I'm new to Sketchup. Would the book "Sketchup for Dummies" be useful for woodworking projects? At about $17 or so I could buy a router bit instead.


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    I have the SU for dummies book, and got it after I had some experiencience with the program. The information in the book is nicely organized but I did not see anything of consequence that I had not already seen (and learned) from the tutorial materials that can be found on the web. After watching the tutorials (they are mostly videos), I got other questions answered on the google group devoted to SU. The folks on that group are as friendly as those here and you can get help on any question you ask.


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    I wouldnt bother with the book mate. If you have any problems either Dave Richards or myself will be able to answer your questions.
    daiku woodworking

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    I found the best way to learn was to consistently work with the program every few days. That way I was able to practice with the basics and get them ingrained - almost second nature. Then adding new capabilities isn't as difficult and frustrating. I would agree that there is a lot of online help. I'd exhaust that first.


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    I'd get the book particularly if you are new to SU. Very well organized and and easy reading. You'll always have it by your side for quick reference. If you're get in a pinch then you can contact Dave and Patrick.

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    I bought it even though I've got a fair amount of self-taught Sketchup experience. I found numerous things I didn't know reading the first couple chapters--especially keyboard shortcuts and the like. Its an inexpensive book, and well worth it in my opinion.

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    I struggled with sketchup, never got the hang of it. Got the Dummies book, read the first few chapters and started sketching. I would recommend it.

    Tony, BCE '75

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