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Thread: I'm going to catch grief for this....but .....

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    I'm going to catch grief for this....but .....

    while I'm probably capable of designing my own dust collection, I didn't want the headaches or take the time to do it right now. My vertigo attacks until about 4 weeks ago had gone from one every 6-7 months to multiple attacks daily. I was getting frustrated and my concentration wasn't what it should be to attack something like that.

    So I contacted Onieda and paid an engineering fee for them to design the entire system for my shop.

    A few bucks and couple of weeks it arrived.

    A 2.5 HP Super Dust Gorilla.....It arrived while I was out of town working. I just finished moving the 13 boxes at 531 lbs. total to the shop from my carport.......through the snow.....I had them furnish the metal snaplock pipe. I wished I could have afforded the spiral lock.....but ....I want to retire in 2 years.

    BTW....I'm now on medication and until Wednesday and yesterday I had not had any vertigo attacks for 4 weeks. Each day I only had one very minor attack. Now I have to reduce my sodium intake and increase my water intake.

    Hopefully over the Christmas holidays I'll get it installed. We'll see.
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    Congrats on the DC, but.....that's Great News about your attacks!! Hope you continue to have fewer, or none, eventually.

    I do look forward to seeing pics of your new DC system. Sounds like it's gonna be a nice one.

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    No grief from me, Ken. At least you got a DC system... I still can't say that, but I make do. I'm also glad to hear the vertigo is more under control. That can be a major bummer and it certainly makes one change habits. That was one of the major sypmtoms of three minor strokes I've had (last one in '93) and the vertigo caused me to have to sell the bike I had before the Harley. Thankfully they went away in time, but I literally lived on Meclazine for about 6 years so I know where you are, my friend. Just don't over do it, but you know this already.

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    No grief from me, either, Ken. Looking forward to seeing the new system when it's all assembled.
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    Glad your feeling better. Nothing wrong with getting a little help with things. Ones health is more important than who designed your dust collection.

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    Well that sucks - either the vertigo, or the DC. Glad both are getting under control.
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    This is the Dells.............looking west...........wishing I was closer to I D's I could come over and help.

    You know I would. Yep!!!

    Looking forward to the finished pics.


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    done yet?
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    No grief here either Ken, I say do what you gotta do.

    My dad used to suffer from Vertigo, scary stuff. Lady I knew from the bank had vertigo attacks real bad, to the point she wasn't able to function. She had a operation and is 100 % better now.....all the best from here.

    Karl, if you're headed to Idahoho, wait for me an Larry to catch up with you....we'd have a blast for sure and could bring a little Old Style to a friend in need.
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    Ken, my only pictures! I know you have nothing but boxes, but that didn't stop you with the mustard or mm did it! Glad your attacks are fewer and far between. Congrats on the new DC, can't wait to see it all put together. Will that make the shop complete?
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