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Thread: Numerous Jigs for Bed Design

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    Numerous Jigs for Bed Design

    I am planning a project to replicate the bed shown in the pictures below. I am fairly inexperienced with jigs and totally inexperienced with bentwood lamination. The headboard/footboard in this design is replete with challenging jig setups. Check me out on my predictions for needed jigs.

    1. Form for bentwood lamination for top curved rail, and also for curved piece below the wider top.

    2. Jig to position the narrower piece under the wider top rail piece (in order to accurately position it in the midpoint.) Attaching this narrower rail to the wider top rail is not at all obvious----dowells perhaps or just 23 gage pins, clamps and glue??

    3. Jig to assist a router to travel along the edges of the bent top rail. (I may be wrong on this one).

    4. Jig to position the bent piece in a drill press in order to index and orient the holes for the vertical dowell rods. I find it interesting that the axis of the rod will be perpendicular to the surface of the bent rail only at the centerline of the bed; the angle changes (relative to the surface) for every position, thus the jig needs to account for this......I believe.

    What else might I be missing in this list and I have mentioned something that is not really needed?

    Am I correct in assuming that this is not a trivial project? (Understatement I believe). The question is, can it be done? Ha. The real question is can I do it?

    Would appreciate some discussion and comments.

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    the good news is the bends are segments of a circle so making jigs-n-templates is only a matter of swinging a router on a trammell...
    which jigs do you need advice on?
    what tools are in your arsenal?
    what species and finish do you intend to use?
    can it be done? yup! can you do it? if you want to
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