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Thread: Tricks of the trade.

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    Tricks of the trade.

    Do you have a trick etc that you use. Maybe you think that every body has heard of that idea. But there are new woodworkers that have not heard of the idea.

    I'll start the thread with this trick, there is someone out there that has not heard of it, lets see how many we can get.

    1.) Use thumb tacks for the bottom of drawers to make them slide easier.


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    wax every metal surface that touches wood.
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    Read FW for lots of tips.
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    Several times I've had to open up and re-thread my blade after starting up my band saw forgetting that the tension release was on. Now I take a $.29 spring clamp and put in on the un-tensioned blade to remind me. When not on the blade it resides on the tension lever as a reminder to use it! Not so much fun getting old.
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    First the lights go on in the Dungeon, then the safety glasses, then the apron.

    Once I put the apron on second, and when I was flipping the strings around to tie them up, the end of the string hit me......... right in the eye

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    I blow dust/curlies off before going inside. Without doing this, no "tricks of the trade" would enable me back into the shop! LOML wouldn't allow it!
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    As most of you know I work with barnwood.
    Pin nailers dont work as most of the wood is buckled etc.

    So I use a crow nailer tends to hold the parts together better.
    It does show a small dipple in the wood, but with knots, weather beaten etc the dipples dont show up that much. BUT the heads
    can be seen so..........................

    The trick is I spray the heads of the crown nails to match the color of the wood or close to it. Works for me

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    Not sure if it counts as a trick but here goes.

    Don't waste your time trying to straghten bent lumber. If its twisted or bowed when you pick it up, sooner or later it will get twisted or bowed again. Use it where it is so short that it doesn't matter, use it in a lamination or keep yourself warm with it. But don't put it in the middle of an expensive (time or money) piece of furniture.

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