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Thread: Carved Lidded Bowl

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    Carved Lidded Bowl

    I teach a carving course at the local Woodcraft and my next session is to teach how to carve a simple flower. Most of my students have been furniture people but there's a limited number of furnture people who want to learn carving - so for this class I decided to try to appeal to the turners since there's so many of them around here.

    To do so, I carved the lidded bowl shown in the pictures below. I'm actually not much of a turner - mostly I turn furniture parts like legs but have done a few bowls. The bowl is poplar (cheap - I couldn't afford fine wood). I put an inlay on the bowl to hide one of the glue joints. The only problem with the inlay is getting it to match up. I did that by cutting the groove for the inlay deeper until the inlay matched then took the bowl down to the level of the inaly.

    I'll put the bowl in the store with a flyer and see if I can attract a few turners to this session (Saturday, Jan 26, 9am to 4pm, at Woodcraft Stanton - $75 and limited to 6 students - in case anyone's interested!)

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Flower-carving-004small.jpg   Flower-carving-002small.jpg  
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    I like it That poplar doesn't look cheap to me

    It shouldn't be very hard to fill that class. If I lived a little closer.......
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    Mike I am in awe of your artisty! Beautifully done Sir! Absolutely beautifully done!

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    Mike it is beautiful. I really like it. I wish I was closer to.
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    That looks beautiful. Mike. If I'm not busier than a rubber nose salesman at a clown convention that weekend, I'd like to try getting down to OC just to say hi.

    I think your choice of samples (and the reasons for it...trying to attract turners) are great. Best of luck on the class.
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    Beautiful work Mike! I hope you fill the class!

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    Hey Mike, that is really a beauty!

    I'd be on that class like white on rice if I lived closer.

    Hope you fill it and have a great time.

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    Oh my!!! Mike that is absolutley gorgeous! I just wish I lived closer. I'd definitely enroll to learn to carve like that.

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    That is truly awesome, Mike.
    I'm way too far from you to take the class. Are you sure you wouldn't like to come to Alberta and teach the class here instead? I know a few guys who would be interested.
    And it's barely below the freezing mark right now. Now how can you turn that down?

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    Mike, I'm impressed. What a beautiful carving decoration, if I was able to grab it from the screen, for sure I would do that.
    Thanks for posting this gorgeous piece of work.

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