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Thread: Umpty-umpteenth Dust Collection Thread.

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    Umpty-umpteenth Dust Collection Thread.

    Woodcraft offers up a set of plans for building your own Cyclone.

    I have been considering this, with an eye toward mating with that under $200 Harbor Freight 2H.P. dust collector.

    One car garage/shop, one machine at a time sort of a thing.

    Good Idea? Fair Idea? Mediocre Idea? Bad Idea? Downright Disasterous Idea?

    Mostly I'm just looking for some input here, to see if anything will kick-start my brain. Especially considering that from the sounds of this Major Winter Storm bearing down on us, by tomorrow afternoon, I won't be able to get the garage door open, let alone roll the SportsCar out anyplace. 260Horses pushing 2800 pounds sure is fun - but it sure ain't no dang snowmobile.

    -Kevin in (about to be snowed under) Indy
    "Heroic? He fell off his bloody Aeroplane!"

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    I built my own cyclone, I used Bill Pentz's plans, they are available on the net, Google "Bill Pentz Cyclone".

    I'd need some more info on your DC, but usually the HF type of DC do not have a large enough fan and or motor to pull enough air to use for a Cyclone.

    If you have not read Bills pages, and there are LOT of pages, do so, there is a TON of good info there.

    My pages are here....... Cyclone Build

    If I were you, I'd buy one of the motors that Bill recommends, and one of the impellers he recommends, then build your own blower, it would not be hard, then, build your own cyclone. Heck I did it in my Dungeon in Tokyo, you can do it over there for sure!

    If you have more questions, please ask.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Vernon View Post
    Bad Idea? Downright Disasterous Idea?
    (about to be snowed under) Indy
    Get the big motor, and propleller as you will regret it down the road.......................
    Here is what I got, you live close to me to install it.........

    WoodWorking, Crappie Fishing, Colts, Life is good!

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