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Thread: Some More Rounded Squares.......

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    Some More Rounded Squares.......

    OK, I tried out some of my dye stuff......

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	blue_top.JPG 
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Name:	blue_bottom.JPG 
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    Some blue dye and the curly Tochi wood, I'm not sure how this worked, but it is all an experiment.........

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sm_top.JPG 
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Name:	sm_bottom2.JPG 
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    Just a little one, this is again the Tochi wood, which has a lot of curl and some spalting too. Coated with Watco and let dry a week, then buffed.

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    I think the shapes of the platters are lovely!! I particularly like the footed, spalted one. If I was buying a platter at a show or fair, I'd be taking that one right quick! The blue one .... I dunno' about the colouring ... but .... it's just an opinion, and I'm sure no artist. Maybe I'd have to see it in person.

    cheers eh?

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    Those are cool, Stu. I have some wood I should be trying that on since I saved it for just that purpose. I like the undyed one best. Nice finish on both.
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    Great looking pieces Stu. I really like the second one.
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    They look great Stu!

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    I like 'em both, Stu. I'd say the natural color one is my favorite, but you're definitely getting this square bowl thing down pat.
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    Very nice Stu! The blue one is unexpected - but works. The natural is nice as well - I think the foot adds to it.


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    Thos are cool Stu. I like the one with the spalting and curl in it. A nice balance.

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    Nice turnings I too like the footed one and the curly w/spalting is particularly attractive. Nice work Stu!


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    Nice work Stu! I'm with the majority here in that I also like the natural colored platter. For some reason I find it more attractive because of the touch of spalting!

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