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Thread: Christmas Tree Hunt 2007

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    Christmas Tree Hunt 2007

    Snowmobile: $7,991.51
    Property Taxes: $2934.87
    Handsaw: $9.99
    Gasoline: $3.19 a gallon

    Going out into your woodlot and cutting down your own Christmas tree and dragging it out with your sled....


    Here is a webpage I did on my annual Christmas Tree Hunt for 2007. Luckily this year I could use my snowmobile to help drag the tree out of the woods. With 2 feet on the ground, and more coming down as I type this (another 12-15 predicted), I think its going to be a white Christmas afterall.
    I have no intention of traveling from birth to the grave in a manicured and well preserved body; but rather I will skid in sideways, totally beat up, completely worn out, utterly exhausted and jump off my tractor and loudly yell, "Wow, this is what it took to feed a nation!"

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    Cool pictorial, Travis. You are fortunate indeed to have that kind of space and land. Your tree beats the tree lot version any day of the week.
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    Love it Travis, reminds me of when we used to go up to my Uncle Mel's place and get our trees each year, and we used the snow machines too!
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