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Thread: Cocobolo spoons and pen

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    Cocobolo spoons and pen

    I made this set of serving spoons and pen for my daughter to give to her MIL and FIL for Christmas gifts. They're both cocobolo. The spoons are the ones you can get from Craftsupplies. They aren't very strong and will bend if used for anything more than salad. I'd find some more heavy duty ones if I made more. They're 14" overall, the handles are 9" x 1.25" and I ended up just using a little Briwax on them. The pen is a Craftsupplies Gentleman's fountain tip. It made a real nice pen. It's finished with CA.

    Sorry about the poor photos, the tent is temporarily decommissioned.

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    Ooh, those came out looking very nice, Curt.

    I wonder is a person could find some good parts for making these at a thrift store.
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    Beautiful pen - outstanding grain and finish! Really like the spoons - great idea!

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    Great gifts!!!! Love the grain on them and like the idea of the spoons. If you ever find more durable ones let us know.

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    What a great idea, Curt. Those are great serving spoons. Thanks for the idea.

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    Great looking pieces Curt. I really like the pen. I made some from CSUSA but the LOML wrapped them before I got pictures.
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    Good looking stuff Curt, I am sure they will be appreciated!


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    Lookin' nice. You can't go wrong with coco.
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