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Thread: Anyone near dallas that wants some money? :)

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    Anyone near dallas that wants some money? :)

    Looking for someone near the dallas area (more north the better) to be commissioned to build a crib for my sister. I've got it 90% designed out but I no longer have access to a shop.

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    any suggestions? This is my first time trying to find someone else to build something for me

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    Could you post a pic of your plan or sketch of the crib that you want. It might help people decide if they can do it or not or want to take it on. Could it be disassembled and shipped in pieces? things like that.
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    Bottom boxes will have drawers in 2 of them. Would like it built out of cherry. a contrasting wood would be nice but not a neccecity. Front has a folding section. headboard detaches.
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    Would you mind some criticism on your design?

    I would either raise the boxes/drawers off the floor or get rid of them. There needs to be a "toe-kick" space. Having to worry about stubbing one's toes on a drawer-front is not something you want the parents to be concerned about at 3:30AM. Plus, retrieving a kid out of a crib usually requires that you belly-up to the front rail. You need some space for the feet.

    Trust me on this one.

    Good idea on the under-crib storage, though.

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    Les, it might also help if you give a required by date.

    Nice design and I agree 100% with Rob about it needing toe space!
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    yea I've thought about the toe idea, Ill have to look at that some more. The idea behind it all is the storage comes out and stacks, then the top flips over and becomes a desk while the headboard is detached. So all you end up storing is the mattress. Thanks for the heads up.

    she's due in early Feb.

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