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Thread: Stanley #140 Rebuild

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    Stanley #140 Rebuild

    Woohoo...I am the first one to start this forum off and running. Okay so I don't have a life, but I do have a nice Stanley #140

    To start off with, I have always admired the Stanley #140 and enjoyed making it in the short time I worked for Lie Nielsen as a Machinist. During that time I obtained permission to use their machines and parts to rebuild this great plane. Since starting it I have moved to another job, but at my new job I have more use of steels, tooling and machines, so I have been able to make some great progress.

    All in all, I have:

    • Replaced the knob
    • Replaced the blade
    • Added a nicker
    • Added a Side Fence with auxiliary Purple Heart fence
    • Remilled the sides, sole and frog straight, true and square
    • Replaced the iron cap with a bronze cap and pin wheel
    • Fabricated up a new brass side plate
    • Replaced all fasteners with brass fasteners
    • Sand blasted and Powder Coat painted the body
    • Retapped all threads and holes

    It does not seem like much, but in fact the plane has really came out great. I think with the new nicker, side fence, side plate this plane should perform well. Better yet, the plane looks awesome with its Cast Iron, Stainless Steel and Brass parts. Its not done quite yet, but it is really close.

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    Great job, Travis. doesn't appear that the posts are on the new brass side plate. How do you plan on attaching them?

    Take care, Mike
    Wenzloff & Sons Sawmakers

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    That VERY nice Travis, thanks for posting it!
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Wenzloff View Post
    Great job, Travis. doesn't appear that the posts are on the new brass side plate. How do you plan on attaching them?

    Take care, Mike
    Mike, you're right, in this picture they aren't, as this picture is a bit dated. My orginal idea was to drill, ream and then epoxy the new stainless steel pins. This worked well until the temp dropped. When I brought my plane that was left outside, into my warm shop...the two dislike materials expanded at different rates and broke the epoxy bond. Since then I have replaced the pins with brass pins and Tig Welded them to the brass side plate.

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