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Thread: Coat rack

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    Coat rack

    This has been my big turning project for the last little while. It's not finished yet. I've just been putting sanding sealer on the pieces as I finish them and I still need to make some plugs to fill the screw holes where the legs attach. It's knotty alder glued together from 4/4 stock, 68" tall, turned in 3 sections. The legs were the hardest part. I cut slots into the base with a chisel and the legs are set in 1/2" , glued, and screwed on an angle from the top and bottom. The design was just turn as you go, no plans, the first time I've tried something like this. The three sections are tenoned together at beads so they don't show the seams. I hope to get the finish on in time for Christmas.

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    Wow, Curt, that looks like a lot of work and very nicely done. I like it a lot.

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    Looks good, Curt. I'll bet whoever receives it will be very pleased. (I'm assuming it's a gift, since you're shooting for completion before Christmas.)

    The feet are approaching flatwork, but there's enough turning in the rest of it that we won't have to issue a citation. We'll just let you off with a warning this time.

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    Well Curt, I like it to see useful stuff, and this is very useful, I like it a lot.
    Keeps you busy for a while, isn't. Anyway a very fun project.

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    This is some really nice work Curt! Looking forward to seeing how it looks once finished!

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    Hi Curt ,
    I really like your coat rack. I use the name hall tree but nonetheless a nice job and I really hope you like the design you made. I think designing our own work like you did here really helps bring out more of who we are, learning more about what we like, by the stuff we make. Congratulations, good job!
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    Very nice! I think the layman doesn't fully appreciate how much work and craftsmanship is displayed in your piece. It looks simple, but as someone who has done a little bit of turning, I am really impressed! The recipients should be ecstatic.

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    Great work Curt, that certainly is a classic, and I'll second the motion to only give you a warning on the flat work thing.....
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