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Thread: Wheels for PM 3520

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    Question Wheels for PM 3520

    Didn't someone here put a type of heavy duty wheels on their PM. I remember they showed some pics of it when you had to move it you cranked it until the wheel is supporting it when your done you back them off until the legs are supporting it.

    My son had to build me another comp old one blew up & I lost all of my favorites & trying to get them back.

    Thanks for the help


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    I think that was the three lathe owning Vaughn guy........

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    Stu....You mean the thread started by "Mr. ""I'm never going to turn so I'll send you some HF tools"" 24 months later I now own 3 lathes guy?....Yeah I think that is the guy!

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    Thanks Stu. I just couldn't remember where I saw it


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